Genghiz Khan and the VERY unwise decision.

Khwarezmid Jital from 1220 AD and the invasion by Genghiz Khan.

This little copper coin is called a Jital. It was made in 618AH (about 1220AD) in what was then the Khwarezmid Empire, a vaste area covering modern Iran, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan. It was ruled by Ala ad-Din Muhammad, who since he became Shah in 1200AD had aggressively expanded his empire. However in 1218AD a mongol leader called Genghiz Khan arrived on his borders and sent a trade delegation. Unfortunately one of the local governors saw fit to imprison the mongol traders and execute some. When Genghiz asked for reparations the Shah refused. That was a VERY bad decision. Genghiz had not wanted to interfere with the Khwarezmids but given the affront felt obliged to retaliate. He did so by sending a force of 200,000 men in a multi-pronged invasion and destroying the Khwarezmid Empire. The Shah fled and died soon after. No one knows how many were killed as a result of this decision. Whoever made this little coin was witness to the mongol invasion. We will never know if they survived! Coins struck in the name of Genghiz Khan are known and can occasionally be found for sale at sites like